Blogger Wanna Be

Believe me or not, I have attempted to make a blog many times already. And this is the only one successful so far, I think. Ever since I engaged myself online, I have tried lots of activities that I can do and one of that is blogging. But my thoughts were never organized back then and I find the actual creation of a blog really stressful.

I am not an IT major, so what do I know about CSS and such. I’d have to say that I made 3 unsuccessful blogs over the years. Though I failed a lot, I still fantasize of having one. Everyday I get to read blogs of other people. Seeing their own designs and reading the blog’s content about different stuffs really makes me want to create something of my own.

What came about the thought of creating a blog again was when I read a blog that made a review on a whitening cream. The thought just came up as I browsed through her site. It was a simple blog, nothing dramatic but her contents were well thought of and it didn’t bore me looking at the blog’s pages.

Then I realized that the very reason I failed when creating a blog back then was because I didn’t know what exactly to write or share online. I didn’t find my contents interesting enough to make me go on with the blog. And there are other blogs offering the same content and theirs are definitely better.

Ideas keep pouring in as I imagine what my blog would be about. Creating a title already took me hours to decide. But it was really a fun process which I didn’t experience before. It might be that today, I have loads of interesting topics to share and it has “substance” as what my first commentator, Maricor had told me.