When I was a kid, I have loved the anime from the very first time I remember watching one.  Unfortunately back then, my Dad dominated the choosing of channels on our one and only television, so I always have that addiction of watching a certain anime show one day.

One of my past times online is watching anime. And for that past years, my taste has widen from shoujo to shounen or seinen anime with the different kinds of genres.


2 thoughts on “Anime

  1. (luaghs with a Natsu-like tone)

    You quite have the taste i do have also..

    I ❤ Shounen, Shoujou, and Seinen Anime`s along with the other genres…

    – I love Mages, but I hate Pirates and Ninjas,
    So, I only watched Fairytale, not onepiece nor Naruto in the top 5 anime list…

    • I haven’t completely watch Fairytale but I’m updated to Naruto and One Piece from anime to manga. I like sports anime too especially the Major Series, Eyeshield21 and etc…I have to make post about those I have watched. I think I have raided all anime websites…and manga websites too..

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