I am a self-confessed cosmetics junkie. It’s one of my addiction to buy make-up regardless if it is necessary or not. And I can’t help it sometimes. It  really gives me a delight whenever I saw a new product on the store. When I started doing online shopping, I would really go to the brands official online shop and do my purchase. That’s also what I did when I bought make-ups online.



A friend of mine recommended this brand to me. And since I have no access to its store, I looked up online and eventually found their official online shop. I must say that MAC is the most expensive make-up among the make-ups I’ve bought so far and is the number one brand on my kit. I’ve purchased quite a lot from them from lipsticks, blush and eyeshadows. I also have their limited edition lipstick from Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.



When BB cream became famous, I got so interested that I began looking up online for the best brand to it. Missha was one of the best reviewed BB cream brand and fortunately, they have their official online shop. Missha is a Korean cosmetics brand. Only a few Korean cosmetics brand have their own online shop so I was really glad that Missha did. I haven’t really bought much from their store only when that of the BB cream. The BB cream turned out really fantastic though.




I was watching some skin care routine videos on Youtube. One of the video really got my attention because she’s a Filipino and she really sounded believable. Her skin looks good too. She recommended Benefit Cosmetics brand that has a skin care line which she has been using regularly. So I searched for Benefit on the web and found their online shop. I was quite hesitant to buy the skin care products because  I have a bad habit of not following such routines and I would end up with skin breakouts. But I still end up buying the travel kit of the skin care only to test it out. Aside from that, I bought the Snow White and the Huntsman inspired make-up set. I was more happy though to get that make-up set rather then the skin care kit.


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