I grew up putting education as my top priority. And since my family was in deep turmoil years ago when it comes to our finances, I was deprived of buying the clothes that I want. So when I got my job and started to earn, I was kind of out of control that I can’t stop buying when I find a suitable online store.

Here are the online shops whom I have purchased from.



I have purchased from their online store a lot. I find their items the cheapest among the stores I visited. I usually waited when they have BOGO  (Buy One Get One). I like their stuff because you have a wide variety to choose from. I like purchasing online rather than buying in the store. In store, the displays are like of  a flea market. What do you expect? Teen shoppers.

American Eagle Outfitters

brandThe jeans that I have purchased online are from American Eagle Outfitters. I really like the quality of their jeans especially the skinny ones. It fits real good. I was quite hesitant to get jeans online as it may not fit me. I always follow the fitting sizes on online shops but choosing a pair of  jeans online is quite tricky. So I was really happy that it fits on me when I put it on. And for the first time, I tried wearing a floral skinny jeans which is from their store as well.

Love Culture


I first encountered  Love Culture when I went to a mall during one of my day offs. I always find myself attracted to a store with colorful  interiors and displays so I went inside the Love Culture store. They had a sale and I found some cute tops and small bags so I gave it a go. Their items are that of Forever 21 but costs more. Well, when I see one I like, I don’t mind much about how much it cost.  The store left me interested, so I looked up online and found their online shop. There’s not much variety to choose compared to Forever21 on their site. But I have purchased about twice from their online store.

Yesstyle: Asian Fashion


It’s not because I like Korean or Japanese dramas that I began buying from this site. I just totally find their stuff suitable to what I want to wear. This site host a lot of Korean and Japanese local brands. And my favorites were Click, Pufii and Redopin brand. I love that the clothes are very comfortable and the designs were really cool. The quality, especially when it comes to fabric is really good. You can’t see anything like it. The price however is much expensive compared to the sites above. But I have purchased many times from this site regardless of that.


If you’re looking for items from a famous brand, is one of the best place to go.It’s one of the biggest sites that sells a wide variety of products not only to clothing.  Famous brands like Michael Kors, Calvin Klien, The North Face, Tommy Hilger and among others are available on overstock. They always have a sale on their products. I bought my Michael Kors red coat at this site.


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