Among the first sites that I would visit when I turn my laptop on are the entertainment sites which covers articles from Philippines, Korea and Japan. Though I am hundred miles away from these countries, I am never late to what is the new talk of the biz…

Philippine Entertainment Portal

Capturehh is a site that features entertainment and lifestyle articles. It covers the latest talk in the Philippine showbiz. I always love reading their articles. I’m never late to what’s the latest as they always update their site everyday. In the Philippines, Pep is also an entertainment and lifestyle magazine.

Pinoy Parazzi


I never liked reading tabloids. They bash a lot about their subject and writers most often comments without any sense. But there are some articles that are fun to read. Unlike, pinoy parazzi don’t post new articles everyday but about every 2 to 3 days they do.



It’s one the sites that I always visit everyday. This site features about Korean dramas and movies. What’s interesting about this site is that they mainly do recaps on some Korean dramas. So if you missed an episode of your favorite drama or wants to fully understand what had really happened, dramabeans is the place to go. Upcoming projects and films are also featured and some latest buzz about some Korean artist.



One of the sites that features the latest buzz on Kpop, korean celebrities and other news about the Korean entertainment. This site is one of the most active site I know. Not only do I read about their articles, they do have forums for korean dramas which I like. I get to read more infos and spoilers from soompi about the dramas that I have been following.



Latest on the Japanese entertainment, I would always come to tokyohive. From there, I get to be updated on the latest Japanese dramas and movies.


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